If you’ve followed me for a while or listened to The Priority Pursuit Podcast, you might remember me mentioning that before I was a full-time photographer, I worked at Treefrog Marketing—a marketing agency for small businesses—as their content director. 

Treefrog Founder and Creative Director Kelly Rice has always been an amazing mentor and friend to me. In December 2022, we met for coffee—like we often do—and by the end of our conversation, we decided that working together would allow us to better serve small business owners. 

With this in mind, there are a few updates I want to share with you!

Thanks to Treefrog Marketing, you now have access to even more small business marketing resources!

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Kelly is now my co-host on the podcast, and she and the rest of the Treefrog team will now regularly be on the show to share proven marketing strategies you can use to help your small business grow. 

You can now find the podcast at, on Apple, on Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts!

is now a Treefrog Marketing Podcast.

Priority Pursuit


Treefrog Marketing can handle your marketing FOR you.

Thanks to this partnership, I can now offer photographers and other small business owners done-for-you marketing, meaning the experienced Treefrog Marketing team can handle your messaging, website development, SEO, content development, sales funnels, and more for you!

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Right now, we are accepting applicants for group SEO coaching for photographers.

  • Coach more than just photographers!
  • Take on even more coaching students and dive deeper with them. 

While I’ve been offering business and SEO coaching for photographers for the last few years, with this new partnership, I now have the capacity to:

I now have the capacity to take on more marketing coaching students!


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Victoria Rayburn

Forever rooting for you and your priorities,

you work so ever-loving hard, and I’m both honored and excited to be able to share more resources that you can use to build a life and business you love. 

As a small business owner,