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Claire & Theo: A Gorgeous Senior & Her Cow?!

Lafayette Senior Photographer

When Tri-County High School, my alma mater, asked if I would donate a senior session as an after prom prize, I was thrilled. I knew I would have fun with whoever won the session, but I didn’t expect the senior who won to call and ask if her cow (dairy steer for all of you who know the true definition of a cow) could be part of the session. I agreed, even though I was nervous, and this turned out to be by far one of the most hilarious, enjoyable sessions I’ve ever had!

Claire Cantrell is a gorgeous girl with a contagious laugh and smile. Even the photos of her smiling make me want to smile. Theo, Claire’s cow, is more like a dog than a cow. He follows her, gives kisses, and clearly known who his mama is. He isn’t quite as photogenic as Claire and doesn’t pose as naturally, but he has no problem taking a photo in exchange for leaves and grass.

Theo was fun, but I have to take a minute to rave about Claire. It is such a rare thing to meet a high school senior who knows what she is passionate about. Claire is definitely loves band, 4H (hence the cow in the photos), and her Lord and Savior. She couldn’t be any more awesome if she tried, and I want her to know that.

We’re actually going to do round two of Claire’s photos later this week. The sun simply went down too fast for us to grab photos of this beauty without Theo, so stay tuned!

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Senior Sessions Option 1

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Victoria Rayburn
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