Friend, if you’re reading this because you’ve decided (or have been forced) to postpone and reschedule your wedding due to COVID-19, I’m so sorry.  You’ve likely been anxiously waiting for your big day to arrive and dreaming about finally being able to call your best friend your spouse. And, in case you haven’t felt comfortable […]

Wedding at the Rat Pak Venue in Lafayette, Indiana

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How to Postpone & Reschedule Your Wedding Due to COVID-19

Wedding Planning Tips

I’ve been very much hoping that the Coronavirus would be an issue that could be dealt with quickly. However, that hasn’t proven to be the case. This morning (3/17/20), all 2020 VRP brides and grooms were sent the following email. In case you’re interested in seeing how this situation is being handled, I’m sharing the […]

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Coronavirus Updates in Regards to Wedding Photography, Engagement Sessions, & Anniversary Sessions

Wedding Planning Tips

Have you ever met a couple and known within seconds that they’re simply amazing human beings? Well, that’s EXACTLY how I felt when I met Jake and Jennifer for their maternity photos at Purdue University.  It was a frigid, 24-degree evening in February, but these two (although very cold) were nothing but kind to me […]

Maternity photos at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana

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Jake & Jennifer: Maternity Photos at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana


A few years ago, I started noticing something a little funny within the photography industry.  Basically, I was witnessing some crazy-talented photographers doing amazing things behind their cameras and working like mad. However, despite their talents, when we’d meet for coffee or get together, photographer friends were saying things like, “I feel like I’m working […]

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A Recap of the 2020 In Focus Marketing Summit: A Marketing Workshop for Photographers

For Photographers

Want to know a secret? I firmly believe I’m able to be a full-time wedding photographer because my website ranks well on Google!  When I worked in marketing, one of my primary responsibilities was optimizing businesses’ websites for search engines. As a result, I understood the power of search engine optimization (SEO) and knew that […]

Victoria Rayburn photography addressing "Why does SEO matter for photographers?"

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What Is SEO & Why Does SEO Matter for Photographers?

For Photographers, SEO, Websites

It’s hard to believe it, but our puppy girl is four! And, in typical crazy, dog-parent fashion, we had to celebrate!  I’m super excited to share a few photos from Hattie’s dog birthday party and a recap of our sweet goldendoodle’s fourth year of life on the blog!   Hattie’s Fourth Dog Birthday Party We’ve […]

Hattie Rayburn, Victoria Rayburn's goldendoodle, in downtown Lafayette, Indiana

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Hattie Is Four! A Dog Birthday Party & a Recap of Hattie’s Fourth Year of Life


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