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Happy Small Business Saturday!

If you’ve followed me for a while, you know that I’m VERY passionate about supporting small businesses. Zach’s dad, seven out of our nine grandparents, and I either are or have been small business owners. So, Zach and I know firsthand that when you support a small business, you’re directly supporting a hardworking individual and his or her family, and that’s an amazing thing!

So, in honor of Small Business Saturday, I’m sharing my 13 favorite small businesses in Lafayette, Indiana!

Now, these aren’t in any particular order. They’re simply small businesses that I love supporting and highly recommend because they offer great products or services and serve their customers well!


1. Beck’s Auto Center

Guys, I never thought I’d enjoy going to see a mechanic. I mean, when you visit a mechanic, it’s typically because something with your vehicle has gone terribly wrong. But, the staff at Beck’s are so kind that going to their shop isn’t stressful and is even enjoyable.

Beck’s offers fair prices and answers all of your questions. If you have vehicle trouble, I highly recommend Beck’s Auto Center!


2. Cellar 422

Cellar 422 is a wine bar in downtown Lafayette, Indiana and one of my absolute favorite places to go with friends or out for date night.

Owned by two sisters, Cellar 422 has an incredible wine menu, which you can enjoy by the glass or the bottle (Definitely go with the bottle, because if you can’t finish, they’ll pop a cork in it so you can take the rest home!) and food menu. Don’t leave without a slice of cheesecake!  


3. Changes Salon

Every 10 weeks, I look forward to spending a couple hours in Changes Salon sipping wine or coffee, reading a book, getting my hair done, and chatting with my hairstylist, Kelli Lah.

Changes offers an experience like no other salon in Lafayette, and I LOVE going, because I feel so refreshed by the time I leave.

Now, I highly recommend Stylist Kelli Lah, but Changes only brings on excellent stylists, so if Kelli isn’t available, you can’t go wrong with anyone on staff when you make an appointment!

Side note: Brides, Kelli is INCREDIBLE at wedding hair!


4. Discount Tire

When I started to make this list, I thought it’d be full of boutiques and restaurants, but Discount Tire has to be mentioned!

Discount Tire is a speciality tire store with customer service every business owner can and should learn from. Their staff is unbelievably friendly and professional, and once you’re their customer, you’ll never consider going to any other tire store.

We’ve had two instances where we’ve had leaks in our tires, and the guys at Discount Tire have patched them for free, no questions asked, and sent us on our way in just a few minutes. They’re incredible!

This business is growing and now has multiple locations, but it started in Lafayette and still maintains small-business values, so I feel good about including Discount Tire on my list of favorite small businesses in Lafayette, Indiana!


5. East End Grill

If you’re looking for dinner or lunch in downtown Lafayette, you have to try East End. There isn’t a bad option on their menu, and their patio is dog friendly! So, Hattie loves East End as much as we do.

When you go, I highly recommend the shrimp and grits, mushroom tacos, and flourless chocolate cake (I dream about this cake). But, like I said, it’s all delicious! And, there are plenty of great options for vegetarians and those with dietary restrictions.


6. Fuel Coffee Shop

Looking for some great coffee in Lafayette? Fuel is definitely where you want to go! Between their extensive drink menu (their chai latte with honey is my usual choice) and some incredible zucchini bread, there’s no place I’d rather spend an afternoon or meet clients.


7. Freedom Foods

Now, this small business has changed our lives for the better. Freedom Foods is a family-owned farm a little north of Lafayette that delivers produce right to your door!

Every Tuesday, Ryan, Kim, or their team drop off a cooler bag full of fresh, organic veggies they picked earlier that week and a dozen eggs. We really appreciate how easy Freedom Foods makes it to make healthy choices, as well as this business’s incredible customer service.  


8. Lafayette Brewing Company

I really like Lafayette Brewing Company (Brew Co) for short, but if Zach could marry this brewery, I’m pretty positive he’d leave me for it.

With beers brewed in house and a menu that keeps us coming back most Sundays (This is usually where we go after church.), we definitely recommend Brew Co, especially the fish and chips!


9. Magnolia Boutique

Okay, so we’ve talked about food, drinks, and auto stores. Now, let’s talk about clothes!

Magnolia Boutique is a boutique located south of Lafayette in Franklin, Indiana. But, their incredible online customer service and their oh-so-tempting Instagram stories make me a faithful customer!

From outfits you can wear out to outfits made for lounging, I love this boutique and spend far too much money here!


10. Paisley & Plow

If you ask me what I’m wearing on any given day, there’s a 99% chance that at least one item is from Paisley & Plow, another online boutique I adore! Based in West Lafayette, Indiana, this boutique doesn’t have a storefront, but you can shop all of Haleigh’s (the owner’s) lovely items online, and you’ll regularly find her and her team at markets.

Paisley & Plow’s clothing is often a mix of feminine and boho-chic (Think lace and fringe!). I struggle not to buy everything this boutique has to offer!


11. Roseberry & Co.

Roseberry & Co. is another small business I love recommending. Jessie Roseberry is an incredibly talented watercolor artist, and I work with her regularly to make custom paintings for my brides and grooms.

While Jessie can take an idea and turn it into a painting that’s 10x more amazing than anything you could’ve imagined, she also sells prints. If you’re looking for a unique gift idea or simply something for your own wall, you definitely need to check out Roseberry & Co.!


12. Simon & Halle’s

Now, as much as I love Hattie, my pup, you had to know that some kind of dog-related business would be on this list.

Simon & Halle’s is a pet boutique in Lafayette that offers grooming, daycare, training, toys, food, and everything else your dog needs!

We take Hattie to Simon and Halle’s to be groomed and are always thrilled with the results and feel very comfortable leaving her with their staff. When we go, we inevitably end up buying organic dog treats and fun toys. We can’t help it and love supporting this small business!


13. Treefrog Marketing

Now, if you’re a small business owner yourself, I can’t say enough great things about Treefrog Marketing, Owner Kelly Rice, and her team.

Treefrog is a full-service marketing agency that helps small businesses grow. Whether you’re in need of a logo, a website, or a complete marketing strategy, the Treefroggers can help and will do wonders for your business!

Treefrog has helped me with countless projects and is redesigning my website at the beginning of 2019. I can’t wait to see what they come up with!


Like I said, these businesses aren’t listed in any particular order, but I happily recommend all of these small businesses in Lafayette, Indiana because I love being their customer.

In honor of Small Business Saturday, I have a challenge for you. Today, leave a review for at least one small business you love on Facebook or Google. 97% of people read online reviews before making purchasing decisions, and by leaving great reviews for your favorite small businesses, you can dramatically increase their chances of gaining new business.

So, happy Small Business Saturday, everyone!

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