A few months ago, weddings were being postponed due to coronavirus lockdowns. While many states—including Indiana—are now allowing weddings to resume with a capped number of guests, brides and grooms getting married in the latter part of 2020 are facing another obstacle that they likely didn’t see coming—mask mandates.  If you’re a couple planning a […]

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How to Have Your Dream Wedding During Mask Mandates

Wedding Planning Tips

At this point, it’s no secret that the coronavirus has been affecting spring 2020 weddings. Couples across the globe have had to postpone their celebrations. As a married woman who remembers how excited I was to marry my best friend and for our big day to finally arrive and as a wedding photographer, this is […]

Bride and Groom Walking Up the Aisle

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How to Plan a 2021 Wedding During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Wedding Planning Tips

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