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I’m so excited to have Kelli Taylor of Changes Salon—an amazing hairstylist based in Lafayette, Indiana—as a guest blogger! 

Kelli is my personal hairstylist and one of my absolute favorite hairdressers to work with on wedding days. She does an amazing job listening to brides and figuring out what hairstyles work best for them. Plus, her updos and other styles last all day long, and she and her team are always on time. (This might not seem like a big deal, but nothing can throw off a wedding schedule like delayed hair and makeup!) 

Brides can relax knowing that they’ll love their hair when they work with Kelli and will have so much fun when she’s part of their wedding day!


Lafayette, Indiana Hairstylist Kelli Taylor Curling a Client's Hair

Finding the perfect hairstyle for your wedding day is so important. I mean, your hair is going to be in every single photo!

While many brides tend to think that they can simply find a hairstyle that they like on Pinterest and any hairstylist can replicate that exact look for them, that isn’t always the case. Everyone’s hair is different, and several factors will influence what hairstyle will work best for you. 

With this in mind, I’m so excited to walk you through exactly how to choose the perfect hairstyle for your wedding day! 


Step 1: Find your wedding dress!

First, before you choose your hairstyle, you’re going to want to find your wedding dress! Your wedding dress will set the style for most of your wedding, including your hair!

For example, if you choose a classic dress, you might also choose a classic updo. If you choose a more modern dress, you might incorporate a braid or a more edgy hairstyle. On your wedding day, you’ll want your look to be cohesive from head to toe!

The neckline and the back of your dress will also play a huge role in your wedding hairstyle choice. For example, if your dress is strapless, you might decide that you would rather wear your hair down because you feel more confident with your hair brushing your shoulders. Or, if there are details on the back of your dress that you adore and want to show off, you might want to go with an updo to really show these details off. 

Basically, you’ll want to find your dream wedding dress before deciding on your dream wedding hair! (You could also pick your hairstyle first and then choose your dress based on your hair, but choosing your dress first will likely work best!)


Step 2: Choose your wedding hair accessories. 

How to Choose the Perfect Hairstyle for Your Wedding Day: Bride with hair comb

After you’ve chosen your dress, it’s time to think about hair accessories! For example, are you going to wear a veil, tiara, headband, comb, or hair pins? 

These accessories will help you complete your bridal look and will likely affect how you’ll want to do your hair. Plus, these pieces can really make your hairstyle stand out in photos!


Step 3: Choose your hairstylist & schedule your bridal hair trial run. 

Again, hair is often one of the last things brides think about. But, hairstylists can often only take one wedding per Saturday. And, because you want to love the way you look on your wedding day, I recommend choosing your wedding hairstylist sooner rather than later. 

Booking your hairstylist early won’t only ensure that you get to work with your favorite stylist. It will also help make sure that your hair is wedding ready and looks it’s absolute best! 

We’ll talk more about hair health and color in a minute, but basically, if your hairstylist is already aware of your big day, he/she can help you take steps during your engagement to make sure you have healthy hair that will make for gorgeous bridal hair! 

When you book your hairstylist, go ahead and also schedule your bridal trial run at least two to three weeks before your wedding date. We’ll talk more about trial runs below, but you’ll definitely want to schedule an appointment for a practice run! 


Step 4: Make sure your hair is healthy. 

How to Choose the Perfect Hairstyle for Your Wedding Day: Hairstylist Kelli Taylor Choosing Product for Client

To make sure you love your wedding hair, one of the most effective things you can do is to make sure your hair is healthy. To do this, talk to your hairstylist! 

He/she will likely recommend regular trims and possibly specific products for your hair color and texture. 

All hairstyles (bridal or not) look better when your hair is at its healthiest!


Step 5: Decide what color you’d like your hair to be for your big day.

Lafayette, Indiana Hairstylist Coloring Bride's Hair for Wedding

Shortly after your engagement, something you’ll really want to think about is what color you’d like your hair to be for your big day. One of the most common ways people tend to damage their hair is by making drastic color changes too quickly. 

For example, going from dark hair to blonde hair healthily takes several hair appointments. So your hair doesn’t fry, this color change needs to happen gradually. 

If you color your hair, consult your hairdresser about your hair color. Whatever your color goals, share them with him/her so he/she can get a strategy in place to get your hair to the color you’re envisioning. 

If you’re open to color suggestions from your stylist, that’s even better! Sometimes the most subtle highlights can add more dimension to your style, and your hairdresser will be able to help you to determine highlight, color, and toner options that will help your hair look its best! 


Step 6: Look at Pinterest for wedding hair inspiration. 

We all love Pinterest! For bridal hair inspo, check out Pinterest and start pinning your favorite bridal hairstyles! 

Then, go back and compare which ones you like best and narrow it down. Don’t be afraid to share these pins with your hairdresser. He/she can use this inspiration to come up with a style that works best for you and your hair! 

Now, as you’re searching Pinterest, one thing to remember is that everyone’s hair is different. Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration, but because your hair length, texture, and thickness might be different than the model in the photo’s, an exact recreation might not be possible. 

However, don’t fear! Your hairdresser can use the inspiration you find and design a custom style that’s perfect for your hair and style!


Step 7: Consider extensions. 

If the hairstyle you fall in love with requires longer or thicker hair than you currently have, extensions might be a great option! 

Even if they’ve never worn extensions before, my brides regularly opt for extensions for their wedding hair. 

I offer free extension consultations to help brides figure out which extension options (fusion, tape-in, etc.) work best for their hair. Not all hairdressers offer extensions, but if yours does, chances are, he/she would be more than happy to walk you through extension options!

You only get to experience your special day once, and if extensions will make you feel even more beautiful, they’re a great investment!   


Step 8: Do your trial run, & give your hairdresser honest feedback! 

At least two to three weeks before your big day (some stylists prefer to schedule even sooner), you’ll want to enjoy your bridal hair trial run! (In case you aren’t familiar with a bridal hair trial run, your hairstylist will actually do your hair just like he/she will for your wedding!)

You’ll likely meet your hairdresser at his/her salon, discuss any final hair details, and then have the opportunity to truly experience your wedding hair before your big day! 

During your trial run, be open and honest with your hairdresser about your likes and dislikes. He/she will appreciate your feedback. After all, this is YOUR wedding hair! 

After your trial, go home and try your dress on! This will allow you to see the effect and make your big day seem even more real! 


Step 9: Enjoy your wedding day with hair you love!

Bride with hair done by Lafayette, Indiana hairstylist Kelli Taylor

It might sound funny, but I can promise you that you’re going to love your wedding day and wedding photos even more if you love the way you look. Life’s just better when you feel confident! 

A lot of brides tend to wait until the last minute to think about their hair, but considering hairstylists book up quickly, it can take work to make sure your hair is healthy and wedding ready, and that your hair will appear in every single wedding photo, I highly recommend making your wedding hair a priority.

You’re going to be stunning, friend! I hope these tips make choosing the perfect hairstyle for your wedding day a little easier! 


About Kelli Taylor

Lafayette, Indiana Hairstylist Kelli TaylorKelli Taylor is a hairstylist, extension specialist, color expert, and wedding and event hair master. She is currently working at Changes Salon in Lafayette, Indiana.

When Kelli isn’t doing hair, she’s loving life on the farm with her husband (Wes) and mini goldendoodle (Mackey) and likely drinking wine. 

You can find, follow, and contact Kelli on Instagram!

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