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January 29, 2018
Sunset photos at Pass-A-Grille Beach in Florida by Victoria Rayburn Photography—a wedding photographer based in Lafayette, Indiana.
Noah & Mackenzie: Sunset Photos at Pass-A-Grille Beach
March 9, 2018

You guys, I have something big to tell you. Well, big for Zach and me anyway!

After almost two and a half years of working two full-time jobs (I intended for photography to be part-time, but it easily takes up 30-40 hours of my week), I’m leaving my full-time job as the content director at Treefrog Marketing and making photography my full-time job!


This wasn’t an easy choice.

I LOVE my job at Treefrog Marketing, and heck, I love the consistent paycheck. But, after a lot of prayer, I feel like this is what I’m supposed to do. And, with Zach’s blessing, I’m taking the plunge!

With this career change, I have a few goals for my personal life and photography business.
There have been so many things that I’ve wanted to do over the last two years, but lack of time has made a few things hard or flat out impossible. So, moving forward, I plan to:


1. Spend more time with the people I love, especially my husband.

“I can’t tonight. I have to edit.” “No, you just go without me. I’m really behind.” “I’d love to do that this weekend, but I have sessions.” These are things that have come out of my mouth a million times over the last two and a half years.

I’ve said these things to Zach, my family, and my friends. And, you know what? I really regret it. Because of my career goals, I’ve had to say no more times than I’d like and have spent more time on the couch behind my laptop than being with the people I love. With my career change, this part of my life is going to change too!

I want to be a better wife, dog mom (Hattie needs more walks), daughter, sister, granddaughter, and friend.


2. Deliver images faster.

Right now, it’s taking me an average of six to eight weeks to deliver one-hour sessions. Every photographer has a different timeline, but for me, this isn’t okay. I mean, this is a LONG time for you to wait for your images, even if editing is a process that takes longer than most people understand.  

Moving forward, my goal is to deliver family photos in two weeks (I’m really hoping to get it down to one) and deliver wedding photos in no more than four weeks (I’m hoping to get it down to two).

I know how important your photos are to you and how excited you are to see them. So, I want to get them to you faster!


3. Offer albums and other prints.

Right now, when I’ve finished editing a session, I simply send out the photos in a gallery with the print release. I’m still going to give clients a print release (I believe you should get to keep ALL of your photos), but I also want to help clients have high-quality prints that they can hang on their walls and hold in their hands.

My first step is going to be offering albums. Right now, I’m leaning toward working with Kiss Books for albums. Kiss is located in Indianapolis, Indiana (You all know how I’m a big advocate of supporting small, local businesses) that works with photographers specifically to offer heirloom albums. I’m really excited to begin offering these to wedding clients!

Side note: If you’re a former VRP Bride and would like to see your wedding photos in an album, contact me!


4. Help other photographers and creatives learn to market their businesses.

Making Photography My Full-time Job | Victoria Rayburn Photography | Lafayette, Indiana Photographer | Family Photographer in Lafayette, Indiana | Wedding Photographer in Lafayette, Indiana

So, this is a goal that I’m really excited about. I am able to be a full-time photographer for three reasons:

  1. My husband’s support.
  2. God’s grace.
  3. I understand marketing and how to be found online.

I’ve been working in the marketing industry since 2012 (Well, now I feel old). And, I know how hard it can be for small businesses, especially creatives, to be found online. I want to use my knowledge to give photographers and other creatives tangible ways they can improve their marketing and speak to their best clients. Because, today, you have to be able to easily be found online if you want your photography business (or any business) to be successful!

Side note: If you’re a small business owner looking for a new website, marketing strategy, social media assistance, or anything else marketing related, contact Treefrog Marketing.

Another side note: Don’t judge my SEO rankings too harshly right now. Changing the name of my business has definitely affected my rankings, and I’m working hard to get back to where I was!


Thank you to everyone who has helped my dream come true!

As a kid, I really did want to be a photographer. But, in high school, I decided that the dream wasn’t practical (This was when the market started getting really saturated). But, God has used several people to make this dream possible for me.

I want to thank my husband, my family, Zach’s family, our friends, my clients, Kelly Rice of Treefrog Marketing, Vanessa Isenbarger of Pearl Photo & Design, Arielle Peters of Arielle Peters Photography, Marie Kholhagen of MK Photography & Design, Carrie Bower of Kindred Photo & Video, Brian Powell and Janet Stephens of Second Level Studios, Allison Manchester of ALM Photography & Design, Chris and Stephanie Deckard of Velvet Lotus Photography, Kelli Lah of Changes Salon, Haleigh Schoon of Paisley and Plow, Jeff Gasaway of BlueSafe Financial, all of the Treefroggers (both current and past), and my City of God Church family.

Whether these people have played big influences in helping me establish my business, served as mentors along the way, or simply been supportive, I couldn’t be doing what I’m doing now without them.

Most importantly though, I want to thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I’m fortunate to live out my dream because He has blessed me.


So, please pray for me AND book sessions!

March 1 will be my last day at Treefrog. It’s getting close, and I’m equally as excited as I am nervous. Zach and I would appreciate your prayers and business. I mean, if I’m totally honest, VRP income is about to start paying our mortgage!

Thank you for your love and support! I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us during this next phase of life.



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Victoria Rayburn Photography is a Lafayette, Indiana family photographer, wedding photographer, and senior photographer who strives to make photo sessions enjoyable memories and help clients feel comfortable in front of the camera.

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