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May 26, 2020
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June 10, 2020

When you meet and fall in love as Boilermakers, Purdue University engagement photos are a must! And, today, I’m so excited to share Alex Timmons and Kara Feeley’s engagement photos at their alma mater on the blog!


Alex & Kara’s paths kept crossing during their time at Purdue. 

If Alex and Kara’s story was turned into a movie, viewers would be waiting on the edge of their seats the entire time knowing that Alex and Kara were destined to be together and waiting for the main characters to realize this too! 

You see, Purdue is a huge school, and more often than not, it seems like Boilermakers become close to other students who are in their same program, sorority, fraternity, club, or activity and rarely have time to meet people outside of these categories.

Even though Kara and Alex had different majors, were involved in different activities, and Alex is a couple years older, Alex and Kara’s paths kept crossing. 

They first met at Pappy’s Sweet Shop where they both worked. (I mean, they met in an ice parlor! Is that romantic comedy worthy or what?!) Alex was a student supervisor when Kara started working at Pappy’s, and they enjoyed working together and getting to know one another. 

As time went on, Alex and Kara noticed that they were getting invited to a lot of the same parties and their friend groups started to combine. Then, Kara actually started dating one of Alex’s best friends. (See! Plot twist!)

Eventually, Kara and Alex’s friend realized they weren’t right for one another and called things off. But, after some time and seeing that Kara and Alex were clearly interested in one another and would be a great match, the friend/ex boyfriend encouraged Alex and Kara to start dating. (He was nothing but happy for them. What a great friend!)

Now, after doing long distance for a year, making several moves throughout the country, and traveling together whenever they can, Alex and Kara are back in Lafayette, Indiana and are engaged!


Alex asked Kara to be his wife while on a cruise to the Caribbean. 

In addition to having a super sweet meeting story, Alex and Kara also have quite the engagement tale!

Right before the coronavirus began to sweep the world, Alex and Kara took a Caribbean cruise. Alex decided popping the question after the formal dinner (which was near the beginning of their trip) would be the perfect time. So, Alex and Kara got all dressed up and enjoyed a wonderful meal. 

Alex planned to ask Kara to marry him while he and Kara were still in their formal clothes, but when they got back to the room, Kara instantly changed into sweats and headed out to their balcony. So, Alex put on a pair of basketball shorts, joined Kara outside, and decided that this moment was perfectly them and the best possible time to pop the question. 

Alex asked, and Kara said yes! They spent the next few days in the sunshine and in engagement bliss! 

Towards the end of their trip, however, the United States was beginning to lock down and take steps toward fighting the coronavirus. According to Alex and Kara, who happened to be on one of the very last cruises that were permitted, being on a boat was pretty scary. 

But, they made it home safe and sound, and in the midst of quarantine, they worked on planning their South Carolina destination wedding!


Alex & Kara had their hearts set on Purdue University engagement photos. 

Like I said before, since Alex and Kara met at Purdue, taking their engagement photos at their alma mater only made sense!

For Alex and Kara’s session, we started near the Engineering Fountain so this darling couple could have photos with some of Purdue’s iconic structures—like the fountain, Administration Building, and Bell Tower

From there, Alex and Kara changed outfits. (Side note: They did a great job of discreetly changing outside since no bathrooms were open due to the coronavirus. Kara’s cheerleading skills are still coming in handy!) Then, we walked over to the original Purdue arch to grab a few photos. After that, we found some greenery per Kara’s request to give their engagement photos a little variety. (I love how much photo variety you can have at Purdue and that you can walk from location to location so easily!)

After spending about two hours with Alex and Kara, I can tell you that these two have fun wherever they go. There wasn’t a moment where they weren’t laughing, smiling, and teasing one another just a little.

Alex and Kara are best friends who have decided to do life together, and that’s an incredible thing!


Congratulations, Alex & Kara!

The future Mr. and Mrs. Timmons will become husband and wife on May 29, 2021 in Beaufort, South Carolina. 

With family from New York, Indiana, South Carolina, and other parts of the US, they decided a warm wedding by the beach with the people they love most is exactly how they want to celebrate their big day. It sounds like their wedding is going to be a DREAM!

Kara and Alex, I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am for you or how honored I was to take your engagement photos! This is such a special time, and you guys are just great people. 

Congratulations, and I hope you love these previews from your Purdue University engagement photos!


Purdue University Engagement PhotosPurdue University Engagement Photos

Alex decided it was only fair if he got to twirl a little too!

Purdue University Engagement PhotosPurdue University Engagement PhotosThat ring! It’s STUNNING! Purdue University Engagement PhotosPurdue University Engagement PhotosPurdue University Engagement PhotosPurdue University Engagement PhotosPurdue University Engagement PhotosPurdue University Engagement Photos

Kara is going to make a gorgeous bride!

Purdue University Engagement PhotosPurdue University Engagement PhotosPurdue University Engagement Photos

Alex and Kara were such naturals in front of the camera. They were just themselves, and that’s a beautiful thing!

Purdue University Engagement PhotosPurdue University Engagement Photos Purdue University Engagement Photos

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