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Since the ring was slipped on your finger, I’d bet that your brain has been consumed by all things wedding! I mean, from choosing colors to booking your wedding vendors, there’s a lot to think about! (Don’t stress. Your big day will be amazing!)

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m a big fan of research and learning from other people’s experiences, so I can achieve the best possible outcomes.

With this in mind, I want to talk to you about the number one regret brides tend to have after tying the knot, so you don’t make the same mistake!


The #1 Regret Brides Have After Their Weddings: Not Investing Enough Money in Wedding Photography

Studies show that the biggest regret brides have after their weddings is not investing enough money in wedding photography.

In other words, many brides are sorry that they didn’t budget for an experienced wedding photographer, and while they loved their big days, they’re crushed because they don’t love their wedding photos.

Regardless of what your wedding budget is, you’ll likely realize that you need to cut back or save a little somewhere during the wedding planning process. Now, friend, there are a million and one things you can DIY or do to save money on your wedding.

But, because I know how much my wedding photos mean to me and because numerous studies show that brides regret not hiring a professional wedding photographer, I want to encourage you to make photography one of your top wedding priorities and not to skimp when it comes to your wedding photos.

In case you aren’t convinced, I want to share six reasons to hire a professional wedding photographer with you!


Six Reasons to Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer


1. A professional photographer will know how to use the light around you to create beautiful photos. 

Any professional photographer will tell you that the key to great photos isn’t an expensive camera; it’s light! On your wedding day, you’ll likely encounter several lighting situations (light inside, light outside, shade, direct sunlight, party lights on the dance floor, etc.).

An inexperienced photographer likely won’t know how to adjust to these lighting conditions, but a professional wedding photographer will be able to make adjustments accordingly and use the light (or add flashes) to ensure your photos have great light—which, again, is the key to great pictures!


2. A professional wedding photographer will know how to pose you & your fiancé, so you look & feel your best in front of the camera.

Ever been in front of the camera and thought, “Shoot! I have no idea how to stand or what to do with my hands!”? If so, you’re completely normal!

Not to sound stuffy, but posing is an art. An experienced wedding photographer is used to posing couples, and will be able to help you feel more comfortable and look your best in front of the camera by:

  1. Telling you exactly what to do and how to pose, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.
  2. Determining which poses work best for you and your fiancé, so you love the way you look in your wedding photos!

An inexperienced photographer, on the other hand, won’t have nearly as much posing experience. As a result, that might mean that he/she expects you to make posing suggestions or will put you in poses that aren’t necessarily flattering. (It’s not you! It’s the pose! Every couple has poses that work best for their body types.)

You want to feel beautiful in front of the camera and make your wedding day as stress free as possible. And, a professional wedding photographer can help you do just that!


3. An experienced photographer will serve as a bit of a coordinator.

Many professional wedding photographers shoot 20+ weddings a year. As a result, they know how weddings work. This’ll be helpful both during your wedding planning process and on your big day.

During the planning process, a professional wedding photographer will be able to work with you and/or your wedding coordinator to ensure your day-of timeline includes plenty of time for photos. (Another common regret brides have is not setting enough time aside for portraits.)  

Then, on your wedding day, a professional photographer will be able to work strategically and efficiently to keep you on schedule, while also making sure you and your fiancé enjoy every minute of your celebration.

Because an inexperienced photographer won’t be as familiar with weddings, he/she may not understand how much time should be set aside for photos or be able to serve as a resource for you. This could leave you feeling stressed and rushed on your wedding day.

For your peace of mind before and during your wedding, I highly recommend investing in an experienced wedding photographer!


4. A professional photographer will understand how to prioritize the big moments while also capturing the little moments & details.

A lot will happen on your wedding day, and you want every moment to be captured!

An experienced wedding photographer will know how to capture the big moments (e.g. you walking down the aisle, family portraits, your dad holding back tears during the father-daughter dance, etc.), while also keeping his/her eyes peeled for little moments (e.g. your mom’s face when you say your vows) and details (e.g. your invitation suite).

Wedding days can be overwhelming for inexperienced photographers, but a professional wedding photographer will understand that all of these special moments and details are part of your wedding day and will be sure to capture them, so you can remember every moment!  


5. A professional wedding photographer will deliver beautiful images with a consistent style you love.

When choosing your wedding photographer, it’s important to choose a photographer with a photo style you’re head over heels about (e.g. light and airy, dark and moody, etc.). After all, you’ll be looking at your photos for years to come!

When you choose an experienced wedding photographer with a style you love, you can rest easy knowing that your wedding photos will have the same, consistent photo style that you’re after. Regardless of the lighting conditions or surroundings, an experienced photographer understands how to make his/her photos cohesive and consistent.

However, when you work with an inexperienced photographer or a friend with a nice camera, he/she likely won’t have a consistent style nailed down yet. As a result, you’ll likely have no idea what style your photos will have until you see them, and because lighting conditions and other factors will change throughout the day, your wedding photos likely won’t be consistent; they’ll be more of a mixed bag. This can make displaying photos on your walls or creating an album difficult.

I highly recommend finding an experienced wedding photographer with a photo style you love so that you know you’re going to love your wedding photos!


6. An experienced wedding photographer will give you photos that you’ll forever treasure.

Asking a friend or inexperienced photographer to capture your big day might save you money, but the saying, “You get what you pay for,” rings very true when it comes to wedding photos.

Photographing a wedding isn’t an easy feat, but a professional photographer will be able to give you photos that you and your fiancé treasure for the rest of your lives.

This is important, because after all the planning and when your big day is over, your photos will be the one tangible keepsake you have from your wedding day.

For years to come, your wedding photos will remind you how you felt on your first day as husband and wife, the vows you made to one another, and why you chose to marry your spouse. Your wedding photos will also help you tell your love story to your kids, grandkids, and future generations.

Every time you look at your wedding photos, they should make you happy and bring back memories—not make you wish you would’ve chosen a different photographer.


Now, before you dismiss this blog post, I want to make something clear. I’m not trying to pressure you into hiring me to capture your big day. I’m laying out the reasons to hire a professional wedding photographer, because I want you to love your wedding photos every time you look at them or share them with others—no matter whom you decide is the right wedding photographer for you.

I look through our wedding photos all the time, and I know that you’ll someday do the same. So, please choose to invest in an experienced wedding photographer, so you don’t become a bride who shares the number one wedding regret.  

Happy wedding planning, love!


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