Between travel restrictions and stay-at-home orders, the coronavirus has affected countless 2020 brides and grooms. But, not wanting to wait any longer to become husband and wife, Andrew and Joannah decided to keep their original wedding date, alter their plans, and enjoy an intimate, backyard wedding in West Lafayette, Indiana! Today, I’m so excited to […]

Bride and groom photos at Purdue University

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Mr. & Mrs. Groenewold: A Backyard Wedding in West Lafayette, Indiana

VRP Weddings

Between frequently changing laws and mandates, loss of income, having to adjust to working from home and/or among family/roommates, getting used to a new “normal,” feeling isolated, and everything else that’s come with the coronavirus, many small business owners are exhausted. And, friend, if you’re a small business owner, I get it. I don’t know […]

Victoria Rayburn Sharing 5 Christ-like Ways Small Business Owners Can Respond to the Coronavirus

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Five Christ-like Ways Small Business Owners Can Respond to the Coronavirus

For Photographers, For Photographers

At this point, it’s no secret that the coronavirus has been affecting spring 2020 weddings. Couples across the globe have had to postpone their celebrations. As a married woman who remembers how excited I was to marry my best friend and for our big day to finally arrive and as a wedding photographer, this is […]

Bride and Groom Walking Up the Aisle

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How to Plan a 2021 Wedding During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Wedding Planning Tips

I’ve been very much hoping that the Coronavirus would be an issue that could be dealt with quickly. However, that hasn’t proven to be the case. This morning (3/17/20), all 2020 VRP brides and grooms were sent the following email. In case you’re interested in seeing how this situation is being handled, I’m sharing the […]

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Coronavirus Updates in Regards to Wedding Photography, Engagement Sessions, & Anniversary Sessions

Wedding Planning Tips

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