After knowing one another nearly their whole lives and dating for eight years through both high school and college, Evan Walsh and Morgan Churchill became husband and wife with a wedding in Lake Village, Indiana that was perfectly them in every way.  Evan and Morgan have been together since their freshman year of high school, […]

Couple in vintage car at Churchill Farms wedding in Lake Village, Indiana

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Mr. & Mrs. Walsh: A Churchill Farms Wedding in Lake Village, Indiana

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Brace yourself for a truly beautiful wedding for an even more amazing couple!  Jett and Kaylee Yeary share a love that’s so strong that their relationship “escalated” pretty quickly. You can read more of their story here, but long story short, they met in 2018, moved in together in 2019, got engaged shortly after, welcomed […]

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Mr. & Mrs. Yeary: An Outdoor, Private Property Wedding in Frankfort, Indiana

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