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November 12, 2020
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The first year and a half of marriage has been a busy one for Nick and Madeline Ballester. I mean, between celebrating their wedding, buying a house, a global pandemic, and finding out that they’re expecting, I think it’s safe to say that the Ballesters won’t ever forget the last 18 months!

This darling couple celebrated their one-year anniversary in May, but due to COVID, we pushed their anniversary session back. As a result, their anniversary session turned into a maternity session, and I’m so excited to share this darling couple’s anniversary/maternity photos at Holcomb Gardens in Indianapolis on the blog! 


A Few Thoughts on Year One According to the Ballesters

This year, I’ve been challenging VRP brides and grooms to get real about marriage and share their thoughts on a few marriage-related topics in hopes of showing other newlyweds that they aren’t alone. Marriage is both wonderful and hard and takes intentionality. 

And, Nick and Madeline were willing to share their answers!


1. What have been the highlights of year one of marriage?

The honeymoon was amazing and so much fun! 

Buying our first house together was stressful, but we’ve greatly enjoyed decorating and improving and furnishing it together and making a home that’s truly ours. 

Getting pregnant, and telling friends and family (We found out that we were pregnant just this past April 1st—so you can imagine the chaos and hilarity that ensued when we realized that we were telling people we were pregnant on April Fools!), and later finding out that it’s a boy, and looking at all the cute baby clothes and blankets and toys together. 

We also really enjoyed introducing each other to our personal interests (Nick introduced Madeline to Dungeons and Dragons, Breaking Bad, and video games, while she introduced him to Parks and Recreation, Anime, and so much Enya).


2. What’s the best part about being married?

Honestly, just being able to spend all of our time together, with the person we love most in the world. Getting to share all those weird, funny parts of your personality that you hide in public with someone and being loved and appreciated for it. Participating in events together, from exciting ones like a cruise to little ones like a new TV show, and having that shared experience and discovering them together.


3. What’s something that’s been more difficult about being married than you expected?

Remembering that we were, in fact, separate human beings with different personalities and needs and means of communication. In the bliss of dating and marriage and finding someone so in tune with ourselves, we sort of forgot that we were still different, and we had to work together to truly understand each other throughout that first year.


4. What’s one piece of advice that you’d give to newlyweds?

Focus on learning your spouse specifically. All the books and advice are helpful places to start, but your spouse is unique and not everything will fit every situation. 

We recommend taking personality tests (like the true colors test) and talking through the results together to help as a starting point. 

We like the True Colors personality test because it focuses on communication needs and practical ways to meet them, but any test that focuses on the strengths and weaknesses of the different personalities and how to work with them will be beneficial. 

Just make sure to really take your time to learn your spouse and to talk through issues together with healthy communication (and lots of it!), and don’t be afraid to voice your needs and ask for support from your spouse in those needs—they may well simply not be aware of what they are or how you need to be supported.


Congratulations, Nick & Madeline!

Nick and Madeline, it’s hard to believe that your Grafton Peek Ballroom wedding was just a year and a half ago. But, considering all that’s changed for you since then, it’s also hard to believe that your wedding was only a year and a half ago. 

Happy belated anniversary, and congratulations on your baby boy! You’re going to be the best parents.

I can’t begin to tell you how honored I am that you’ve trusted me to photograph your proposal, wedding, and now this special season. I hope you love your anniversary/maternity photos at Holcomb Gardens!


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