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This is my favorite time of year. I mean, temperatures rise, Indiana becomes alive again, and I get to photograph AMAZING couples like Jordan and Caitlin. And, guys, I’m so excited to share Jordan and Caitlin’s spring engagement photos at Fairfield Lakes Park in Lafayette, Indiana on the blog!

Jordan & Caitlin have already done a lot of life together.

This darling couple is getting married this fall, but they’ve already done so much together.

I mean, they started dating in high school, figured out their career paths hand in hand (Jordan is a conservation officer, and Caitlin is a fifth grade teacher.), and have a darling little boy. Now, they’re getting married!

I met my husband when I was 17, and I know firsthand that while it takes a lot of work and effort, it’s an incredible thing to fall in love young and figure out life together. Jordan and Caitlin have already conquered so much, making it clear to their friends, family, and everyone who meets them that they’re meant to be.

Today, Jordan and Caitlin stay busy between work (Caitlin also coaches cheerleading and softball.), raising their son, spending time with the people they love most and their dog, and attending sporting events most weekends. Life is busy, but Jordan and Caitlin clearly know how to lean on one another.

I think it’s safe to say that Jordan’s a romantic at heart.

While life is a little “crazy” now (Caitlin’s words), it was a lot of fun to hear how Jordan and Caitlin’s romance began. And, I don’t know if Jordan would admit this, but based on his incredibly thoughtful proposal and a few stories Caitlin has shared with me, Jordan is a pretty romantic guy!

I mean, according to Caitlin, she and Jordan met in high school, and Jordan asked her to be his girlfriend while they were on Anna Maria Island by writing the question in the sand.

The following Valentine’s Day, Jordan—who claims he doesn’t remember this—created a very special memory for Caitlin by leaving a surprise in her locker between every passing period.  

Knowing that Jordan has been a romantic since the beginning of their relationship, his thoughtful proposal makes a lot of sense. Last December, Jordan and Caitlin were having family photos taken with their son and pup just in time for Christmas.

The session was wrapping up, and their photographer asked if there were any other poses Jordan and Caitlin were hoping for. Caitlin shrugged, but Jordan said, “Yes. One more,” and got down on one knee.

The whole proposal was captured on camera and couldn’t have been anymore perfect. Way to go, Jordan! And, way to go, Caitlin! You’re an amazing woman, and your husband to be clearly knows this!

You have to hear what Caitlin & Jordan’s five year old said before their engagement session!

Like I said before, Jordan and Caitlin have a little boy. And, I can’t help sharing what he told his mama before his parents’ session!

Caitlin had her hair and makeup done before photos, and her sweet boy got to see his mama all dolled up.

According to Caitlin, her son saw her and said, “Wow, Mom. You look hott!”

I mean, Jordan and Caitlin’s little guy was right! His mama looked incredible!

Caitlin is naturally gorgeous, but I do want to give her major props for having her hair and makeup done for her session. This little touch will make you feel so much more comfortable and confident in front of the camera and is worth the investment!

Jordan & Caitlin opted for spring engagement photos at Fairfield Lakes Park in Lafayette, Indiana.

Jordan and Caitlin love being outside, so Caitlin and I decided that a nature-like setting would be best. I loved getting to shoot Jordan and Caitlin’s spring engagement photos at Fairfield Lakes Park in Lafayette, Indiana (one of my favorite local locations to shoot).

Fun fact: As a conservation officer, Jordan patrols Fairfield Lakes Park. I was mildly afraid that I was going to break a conservation rule I wasn’t aware of and get ticketed during a session. Fortunately, no tickets were given!

Anyway, Caitlin and Jordan let me drag them all around the park. They were amazing in front of the camera (As a teacher and law enforcement officer, they both take direction flawlessly.), and I loved getting to know them better as a couple. They certainly tease each other, but they’re also very thoughtful toward one another.

Stay tuned for Jordan & Caitlin’s elegant, fall 2019 wedding!

Between their fall elegance them (which will feature a blush, burgundy, and gold color palette) and delicious pasta from Pastarific, I have no doubt that Jordan and Caitlin’s fall 2019 wedding at Bel Air Events in Kokomo, Indiana is going to be amazing!

Jordan and Caitlin, after all the life you’ve lived together and as much as you care for those around you, I’m so excited that you guys are becoming husband and wife and get to have a day where you’re in the spotlight.
Thank you for choosing me to be your wedding photographer. Your big day is going to be incredible, but for now, I hope you love your engagement photos!

These are engagement photo outfit goals right here! Caitlin did an incredible job of choosing outfits!

Ladies, if I could give you one engagement photo outfit tip, it’s this. Choose a dress that flatters your figure and makes you feel gorgeous. Dresses photograph beautifully and will always be classic!

Are you a bride looking for a wedding photographer?

I’d love to meet for coffee and learn more about your big day!

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