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Logan and Becky Dexter’s Wedding at Villa Cesare in Schererville, Indiana
Mr. & Mrs. Logan Dexter: A Wedding at Villa Cesare in Schererville, Indiana
April 30, 2019
Nicholas Ballester and Madeline Pingel celebrated their wedding at Grafton Peek Ballroom in Greenwood, Indiana.
Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Ballester: A Wedding at Grafton Peek Ballroom in Greenwood, Indiana
May 7, 2019

As a photographer and small business owner, you likely already know the importance of having a website, being active on social media, networking, and “doing all the things” to market your business and reach your best customers.

That said, can I speculate for a sec? You might be the exception, but if I were a betting kind of gal, I’d bet that you aren’t blogging regularly because you aren’t sure what to blog about.

And, friend, I get it. Writer’s block is real!

However, blogging can do huge things for your business and needs to be part of your marketing strategy.

With this in mind, let’s break down the three topics every photographer should be blogging about so you can:

  1. Better serve your clients
  2. Help your business grow!


1. Sessions

Outdoor wedding with greenery in Rochester, Indiana

Chances are, if you’re already blogging, you’re likely blogging sessions. If not, it’s time to start!

I highly recommend blogging every session, because blogging is a great way to:


Serve your clients.

While I’m sure you love the artistic side of being a photographer (That’s what draws most of us in!), your number one priority should always be to serve your clients well. And, blogging is an excellent way to love on your customers.

Your clients will feel unbelievably flattered to see their session featured on your blog. Even if you blog every session (which I recommend), your clients will see their blog post and think, “Wow! That was so sweet of our photographer to take the time to blog our session, and we must’ve looked good since we were featured on his/her website!”

If for no other reason, blog your sessions to serve your clients well!


Share your work.

Blogging sessions is also a great way to share your work. Yes, website visitors can look through your portfolio, but being able to look at a blog post that features a specific wedding/couple/family/newborn/senior/project/whatever will give your potential customers a much better idea of what kind of photos they can expect when they work with you.

For example, if you blog a wedding, your prospective customers can get a good idea of what every image from getting ready photos to their reception images will look like. And, this will help prospective clients decide if your photo style is what they’re after.


Show that you’re busy & in demand.

May I let you in on a secret? Most people don’t understand what makes a great photo. As a result, the most in-demand photographers often aren’t the best or most talented photographers.

Typically, the photogs with full schedules are the photographers who are positioning themselves in a way that makes it look like they’re in high demand.

NOTE: This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t focus on your craft. For both the sake of personal growth and serving your clients well, your work should always be improving!

With this in mind, blogging is a great way to show that you’re booking clients regularly! When a prospective customer visits your website and sees your blogged sessions, he/she will think, “Wow! Look at all of these sessions! This photographer must be amazing, because he/she’s really busy. I better book him/her!”

Now, I know what some of you are thinking. “What if I don’t have sessions to blog?” No worries, friend! You can always go back and blog old session, and we’re going to discuss two more topics every photographer should be blogging about to help you fill the gaps!

But, long story short, blog your sessions! Blogging your sessions is a great way to serve your clients and help your business grow!


2. Education

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In addition to blogging your sessions, you also want to use your blog to educate your ideal customers. By “educate,” I simply mean that you want to write posts that answer your clients’ questions and give them important information in relation to your service.

Here are a few examples:

  1. If you’re a wedding photographer, you might write a blog post about the pros and cons of doing a first look.
  2. If you’re a senior photographer, you could write about choosing outfits for senior photos.
  3. If you’re a newborn photographer, you’ll likely want to write a blog post about preparing for newborn photos.
  4. If you’re a family photographer, you could write a post that includes tips for keeping family photos as stress free as possible.

You can find more education blog topic inspiration here. But, including educational blog posts in your blogging schedule is important, because education blog posts will help:


Show you have authority.

Writing educational blog posts is also a great way to show that you know what you’re doing and to give you credibility as a photographer.

When your current and prospective clients can see that you have authority, they’ll be much more likely to trust you. This will (1) give you more control, making your job easier, and (2) make your clients feel more confident working with you and more likely to love their photos in the end. Everyone wins!


Your clients feel more confident going into their sessions.

While you definitely want website visitors and other people on the internet to find your blog posts, you also want to be sure to share your blog posts with your existing customers. Providing your current customers with a little education (even if it’s just a few tips and tricks) will make them feel much more comfortable going into their session with you.

For example, most parents have no idea how to prepare for a newborn session. But, if you were to write a blog post about how to prep for a newborn session and then share that blog post with the parents a week or so before their session, they would arrive to their session feeling more comfortable and confident, which will drastically increase the chances of them having a good experience with you and loving their photos.

Plus, their babe should be sleepy, making your job much easier!

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Now, you could simply share this information in an email, but for SEO reasons, I highly recommend including these details in a blog post instead. Because, every time someone checks out your post, Google and other search engines will notice and know you’re providing valuable content that people are reading. And, this can help improve your search engine rankings!

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Basically, educational blog posts are a great way to serve your clients by helping them feel more confident and informed going into their sessions and an easy way to establish your authority as a photographer. Plus, if you’re lacking in sessions or if you’re in the midst of a slow season, blogging educational blog topics is a great way to keep your blog active!


3. Personal

Last but not least, you should be blogging about personal topics to help your audience get to know you.

Now, I know what you’re going to say. “Victoria, nobody cares about my personal life.” Or, “Why? My life isn’t exciting.”

But, friend, I can promise you that (1) your audience will be more likely to book you if they feel connected to you, and (2) your life is far more interesting than you think!

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You can get more inspiration for personal blog topics here, but to give you a better idea of what I mean, here are a few personal blog topics you mind consider adding to your content calendar:

  1. Milestone events (e.g. going full time, getting married, having a baby, adopting a pet, etc.)
  2. Why you became a photographer
  3. Your why
  4. Your love story
  5. A behind the scenes look of your day-to-day life
  6. Vacations

It might feel funny to blog about these things at first, but making personal blogs part of your blogging strategy will make you seem more personable and help you stand out when your ideal customers are searching for a photographer. Meaning, blogging personally will help your business grow!

In case this helps convince you, two of my most read blog posts ever have been personal posts. The first being a post about Hattie’s (my dog’s) 21st birthday party and the second being a blog post I wrote in honor of our four-year wedding anniversary.

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So, don’t be afraid to get personal on your blog! Your audience will love it!

Again, I know writer’s block is real, but blogging has the power to help your business immensely.

By blogging regularly (I recommend at least once a week), you can:

  1. Build relationships with your ideal customers
  2. Establish yourself as a trusted source
  3. Improve your search engine rankings
  4. Increase your client bookings and make more money (There. I said it!)

For more blog topic inspiration, check out you can find 75 blog topic ideas for photographers here! Now, get to blogging, friend!


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